Meet Mr. Gadd, 83, of Fontwell Magna and discover how he turned my thoughts back to my old Parker 51 fountain pen

Posted on by Mike Evans

Over fifty years ago I saved up £6.30, or six guineas as it then was, for my very first proper fountain pen. It was the Parker 51, which some claim to have been the best pen ever made. I have always regarded it as the best pen I have ever owned and, frankly, I cannot remember how we parted ways.

Perhaps I was hard up and sold it, I just can't recollect. Maybe I lost it, ditto. But last weekend I found the exact replica of my first Parker on a fountain-pen stall in the Portobello Road. It was like meeting an old beau from one's youth and I snapped it up on the spot.

No sooner had I brought the prodigal pen home than I happened across Nifty the Notebook Blogger and his story of 83-year-old Mr. Gadd of Fontwell Magna in Dorset. While I have no reason to suppose Mr G. wrote his 21,000-page journal with a Parker 51 (although it would have undoubtedly have been up to the task), the story reminded me of the need to keep on writing. I made a new resolution on the spot.

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