Leica M: Firmware update to improve user experience

Posted on by Mike Evans

Leica Rumors has stated that there will be a firmware update for the Leica M on "May 24". I suspect this could in fact be April 24 which is the date of the next Leica press event in Berlin. It would make sense to announce the update then, although possibly the file will not be available for download until later.

Firmware will add two primary features, blue lines for the focus peaking system and the ability to set strict parameters for auto ISO, including minimum shutter speed as well as upper and lower limits for ISO. This will be a very welcome improvement and will answer one of my few criticisms of the camera. There is also a tweak to exposure compensation by making it no longer necessary to hold down the front button. More information will come soon but there will be a number minor tweaks in addition to these main features.