Leica T: 27-84mm zoom and 35mm Summicron at launch

Posted on by Mike Evans


Later this month the new Leica T APS-C system camera will launch together with two new autofocus T lenses. Both, accord to LeicaRumors will be made by Panasonic and will not feature an aperture ring.

The standard zoom will be a Vario-Elmar-T ASPH 18-56mm (27-84mm equivalent) with an aperture range of f/3.5-5.6. It will thus be slightly faster than the lens of the X Vario as well as being longer than the XV's 70mm. Much will depend on the quality of the lens. The XV's zoom will be a hard act to follow.

The fixed prime will be a 23mm (35mm equivalent) Summicron-T ASPH with an f/2 maximum aperture.

Assuming equivalent image quality, the Leica T will compete with both the existing X2 and X Vario, offering both the 35mm prime of the X2 and the zoom of the X Vario.

Rumours tell us that the Leica T will come in an aluminium unibody and will be designed by Audi, as with the Leica C and M Titanium. A black anodised finish will be announced later in the year together with additional T-system lenses.