Leica M3: Kai finds not a lot Wong with classic shooter

Posted on by Mike Evans

Kai Wong, the Jeremy Clarkson of the Hong Kong camera scene, loves his old Leicas and has not a bad word to say against the 60-year-old M3 design. I agree. My fine "user" double-stroke example, from the launch year of 1954, is one of my favourite cameras. It is simple, with absolutely no electronics―not even a light meter―and with the best-ever rangefinder window, even if it doesn't like 35mm lenses. The M3 is truly a classic and is enjoying yet another revival among film fans, becoming especially popular with young people. Some say this is the finest film camera ever made. Who can argue with that?

Video courtesy of DigitalRev

And, just to bring you up to date, here is Kai telling you how to look like a pro photographer in ten easy steps.