An Earl Grey Teabag: In Kai Man Wong's Billingham

Posted on by Mike Evans

I can't resist reading Bellamy Hunt's In Your Bag series on his popular site, Japan Camera Hunter. It's a bit like sneeky-peeping other people's iPhone home screens: All the usual ingredients but mixed up in a different way. However, when In Your Bag teams up with Kai Man Wong, DigitalRev's irrepressible presenter—the Jeremy Clarkson of the Orient―the excitement is palpable. There's more to Kai than meets the eye.

  Photo: Kai Man Wong and Japan Camera Hunter

Photo: Kai Man Wong and Japan Camera Hunter

Kai Wong definitely has the most interesting bag I've seen so far this year. In episode 888 (he must have bribed Bellamy to get such a lucky number) you find Kai's daily life laid out for all to see, from film to fantasy. There's even an Earl Grey teabag which, apparently, is for munching as well as brewing. Somehow, I thought Kai was more a PG Tips kind of guy.