Otto Witte and his slightly heavier photo bag

Posted on by Mike Evans

You know I'm a great fan of Bellamy Hunt's Japan Camera Hunter blog. Every day, seemingly, Bellamy comes up with yet another interesting camera bag from somewhere in the world. He's up to 920 of them and no sign of waning interest. Yesterday we were treated to Wiesbaden's Otto Witte and his "slightly heavier" bag. 

My interest invariably perks when I see a Leica, or two, or three―and this bag is more than enough to get the juices running. Full marks to Herrn Witte for his fortitude, lugging all that stuff around town. I think I'm badly done to if I have to carry an M and a spare lens, never mind three Ms, five lenses and enough gear to cope with a three-month Safari. I imagine he uses the lens puffer to cool his perspiring brow when it gets steamy in Hesse.

If you want to see the full extent of Otto's bagsworth, visit Japan Camera Hunter here. And perhaps take out an RSS subscription because this stuff is amazing.