Aperture: News of death unexpected and a welcome release

Posted on by Mike Evans

David Sparks, writing in Macworld, is not at all fazed by the sudden death of one of our favourite image processors, Aperture. It seems the world has put its thumbs down and everyone, down to the last tribe in the Amazonian basin, will be consigning all their snappery to Apple's Photo cloud:

I believe Apple understands how important our photos are to us and appreciates what a monumental task they’ve taken on with this transition. In some ways, retiring iPhoto and Aperture serves the purpose of waking users up—alerting them to the fact that their photo management is about to change—and new paradigms require new software. If Apple can deliver on this, the company is going to make photo management a lot easier for its users.

I am not so convinced, as I wrote earlier this week, but I can see that for the vast majority of consumers, headed by the smartphone selfie generation, Photos and the cloud is just what they need. For some of us, though, we need a bit more control and a few assurances before we commit to Apple's Utopia. We will need a lot of convincing.