Killing Aperture means Apple will rule the cloud

Posted on by Mike Evans

Both Apple and Adobe offer cloud sync among all devices, with Adobe Lightroom offering currently the most flexible system for photography enthusiasts. Lightroom offers more control and, indeed, more access to professional features on the iOS applications. Apple, on the other hand, wants to make things simpler for you by taking over all your assets and storing them on in the cloud. Charlie Sorrel, writing in Cult of Mac, sees benefits in both systems:

With Lightroom Mobile and – soon – Apple’s Photos apps, your library is in the cloud. That is, you don’t just have an out-of-date copy of your pictures sitting on a server somewhere. Instead, you can access, edit and organize those pictures from pretty much any device. This is a fundamental shift. You no longer need to worry about which version of your photo you have on which device, because there is only one version, and it’s everywhere.

While Adobe will continue to appeal to the enthusiast who values control over assets, Apple is poised to win the lion's share of the cloud-storage market says Sorrel:

I’ve lost count of the number of photo-storage/sharing sites that have shut down in the past year, each one taking my photos with it, or at the very least requiring me to upload my library – yet again – to another service. Adobe and Apple will both be around for a while, and – crucially – both are charging for their services right from the beginning. (Not that Apple couldn’t afford to give it away.)
Who else could squeeze into this space? Flickr is like a gallery, not a library, but that could be fixed. And Flickr has the advantage of already being integrated with not just iOS but zillions of other apps and services. It’s also backed by Yahoo, and offers 1TB of storage.
From the sheer number of dead photo services littering the internet, it seems that deep resources are needed to enter this game. Amazon and Dropbox are the two other candidates that leap to mind, but I have a feeling that the most successful player will also be the most obvious.
Apple’s Photos app is already the central location for your photos on iOS. I think it will soon become the central location for all your photos, period