Leica M after two years, M10 would have been simpler

Posted on by Mike Evans

Breaking the sequence of M camera models with M instead of the M10 is said to have been a nod to Apple with its new strategy of upgrading without altering the name. Yet it gets confusing. Whenever I write about the M I feel obliged to qualify it with "Typ 240", although why we feel obliged to use the German "Typ" instead of "type" beyond me. It's just part of the confusion and it can only get worse when the M Typ 2XX comes out. It is now virtually impossible to refer to a Leica M, in its generic sense meaning any camera manufactured after 1954, without offering qualification.

Apple may now be about to break the sequence on the iPhone, with the rumoured new iPhone being anything other than 6. The Motley Fool has a view on this as I outlined in my piece in Macfilos/tech.