Sony A7s: The perfect home for your Leica glass?

Posted on by Mike Evans

Many of us have been experimenting with using Leica M or R lenses on Sony's ground-breaking full-frame A7 and A7r. It's the first chance we've had to try our glass on a full-frame mirrorless camera other than the Leica M. There has been great controversy about the results, with some experts claiming distortion, chromatic aberration and other problems because the Sonys have not been optimised for the characteristics of the sometimes-quirky M lenses in particular. I have had few troubles and have been happily using a range of Leica lenses, from 35mm to 75mm on my A7s. Up to now, though, it has been strongly suggested that the A7 performs more reliably with foreign glass. 

Writing on Steve Huff's site, Ashwin Rao believes that Leica glass has a new natural home, bolted by adapter to the new light-gulping A7s:

Ultimately, I have been thoroughly pleased with my time using Leica M lenses as my sole lens set up for the Sony A7s. Everything works well. High ISO – check! Silent shutter – check! Minimal muss and fuss with edge image quality – BIG check! Colors and skin tones. Check that as well. Handling of camera with M lenses…big HUGE check! It all seems to work well.

I have been very happy so far with the Sony A7r, despite the noisy and vibration-prone shutter. the A7s promises to address that problem, at least, and its high ISO performance is a huge attraction. I am looking forward to trying an A7s for myself.