It's a Leica, she said, it's made in Germany

Posted on by Mike Evans

John Naughton, writing in The Observer, tells us why he likes his Leica. It has been a lifelong addiction, ever since when, as a teenager, he met a photographer who had all of two cameras to play with:

She reached into her bag, took something out, leaned towards me and placed it in my outstretched hand. I nearly dropped it! I was expecting something of the weight of a Box Brownie. Instead I found myself holding a silver-grey metallic object that looked more like a scientific instrument than any camera I'd ever seen. "It's a Leica," she said. "It's made in Germany."

Read the full story, with an excellent account of the early Leica story, here.

Thanks to my friend Maurice Baker of the London Mac Group for the heads up on this little stor