Steve gets a chrome Monochrom and a stealthy M-P

Posted on by Mike Evans

After selling his Leica M in favour of the new Sony A7s, Steve Huff has now splashed out on not one M but two. In this video, published on his site, he gives you a good overview of both his new M-P and the handsome chrome version of the Monochrom. Very lustworthy cameras, I have to say. I know one or two friends who are saving their pennies as I write.

I have the original black Monochrom, which I still love—I often say it is the best camera I have every owned—and, while the chrome version is gorgeous, I think I'll stay with the original. Whenever I buy a Leica I look at both the chrome and the black versions and inevitably I settle on the black. There is also a certain practicality in the black in that it looks best with black lenses. The chrome version begs for a chrome lens and, as I found with the 50mm Summilux, the chrome versions are very heavy.

As for the M-P, I would certainly go for it if I were buying an M now. But it doesn't make much sense to make a change at this stage. It's cheaper to stick on some black tape and hold out for the next M in 2015 or 2016. This won't stop me from checking out Leica's recently announced part exchange scheme, but I have a sneaking suspicion the sums won't be impressive enough to tempt.