Canon EOS M and Leica lenses: More mischief afoot

Posted on by Mike Evans

This morning I received an interesting little gadget, an M adapter for the Canon EOS M no less. This turns my bargain £149 camera¹ into a poor man's Leica T. Well, almost. So I now look forward to hours of mischief bolting on Noctiluxes and Summiluxes and Elmarits and comparing the results with the M and other cameras. First impressions are positive, though the lack of a viewfinder is an obvious impediment for manual focus. Common sense and everything I hold dear tells me the Canon will not win, as I know well that pigs are unable to fly. Watch this space.

See the work-in-progress gallery of images taken with Leica lenses on the EOS M


¹ I paid £199 for the EOS M and 18-55 zoom lens. So, assuming a charitable valuation of only £50 for the lens, the camera cost me £149.