Beautiful new Summarit lenses from Leica

Posted on by Mike Evans

The new Summarit lenses announced by Leica this morning are a triumph of design. What's more, they are beautiful. The big surprise is the weight of the aluminium versions. Anyone used the to the extra heft of a chrome Summilux 35 or 50 will be amazed to find these new lenses weighing more or less the same as the black versions. They could even be lighter; I haven't checked the stats. 

The design is superb, with a new lens cap design that can fit over the hood or the lens. Leica has also taken the opportunity to increase the aperture of the new Summarits to 2.4 instead of 2.5.  

In the past I often heard that Summarits were made to a lower manufacturing standard that other lenses in the range. I cannot say I have ever noticed this. But, if there were any lingering doubts, the newcomers are exquisitely crafted and desirable. 

They also represent good value for money by Leica lens standards. I can see them cannibalising sales of Summicrons, although we have to wait for verdicts on optical performance.

The Summarits are certainly lighter and smaller than equivalent Summicrons and I think Leica has a winning range here.   I think the aluminium versions will be in demand by owners of the new T.