Screenless stripped-down Leica M tipped as surprise newcomer at Photokina

Posted on by Mike Evans

Rumours of a simple, screenless M camera get new credence today at Leica Rumors. The site believes that this camera will be a special edition, complete with lens, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the launch of the M3 in 1954.

This concept could just be so far fetched as to be true: An M3 lookalike with a basic uncompressed RAW digital engine in place of the film. Sadly, though, it is likely to be no more svelte than the current M.

Leica fans I have spoken to want this to be true. And some hope that if it comes it is not an overpriced special but something that the average user can aspire to.  

Leica Rumors also discloses that the new X camera will be a replacement for the X2 although the number 3 could be discarded following the precedent of the M. 

We will have to wait a week to see what Leica will actually announce at Photokina. I am looking forward to being there and bringing you a blow-by-blow report.