Multicharging Valet from Belkin solves the bedside table dilemma

Posted on by Jason Murray

Struggling to find a space on your bedside table for both iPhone and Apple Watch chargers? Belkin is rushing to your rescue with the Valet multi-charge station that accommodates both devices with the smallest-possible footprint.

Shortly after receiving my Apple Watch (which I still love, incidentally) I added a simple bedside charging station from Twelve South. This has been working well and sitting alongside the old Belkin dock that I use for my iPhone 6 Plus. But Belkin's latest idea is a much better solution, despite the high price of £109.95.

It is clearly a premium product in brushed aluminium and chrome and holds both devices on a compact base measuring only 13.4 x 8.8cm. A big advantage is that there's only one cable to plug in—it comes with a charger plug. There's even am adjuster dial to raise or lower the Lightning connector in order to accommodate cases of different thicknesses. Belkin seems to have thought of everything in this well-designed little product: There is even an optional watch band support gadget that will support floppy bands such as the Milanese Loop.

I see one of these nifty Valets in my future.