Adorable: The most over-used and abused adjective of 2015

Posted on by Mike Evans

Why is everything suddenly so adorable? Scan your RSS feeds, as I do, and this supremely annoying example of saccharine crops up time after time. Cats, dogs, children, fish, just about anything that lives and breathes and isn't demonstrably obnoxious of visage is now deemed to be adorable ("worthy of divine worship", mind). Check out Mashable, for instance, or that supreme aggregator Mail on Line if you want to see the cringeworthy A word used to destruction. Mashable, however, has excelled itself with this headline:

Dad turns his grossly adorable baby into a grossly adorable Elf on the Shelf

I am not sure which offends more: Grossly or adorable. Bah, humbug, said Ebeneezer Scrooge, and what's an elf on a shelf anyway? Only Mashable readers will know. Or maybe I am just grossly and adorably out of touch.