Why I'm leaving Spotify after six years

Posted on by Mike Evans

Apple Music, which offered a free three-month trial, impressed me with a solid experience. I use an iPhone and a Mac, so the apps are just sitting there, and in terms of user experience it's not actually a massive change. The service has a good-enough desktop app (it could definitely be a lot better, but so could Spotify's); it has a simple-enough mobile app with support for Android (essential for me, as I review quite a few Android devices); and a large music library.

Aaron Souppouris, writing in Engadget, makes a good case for leaving Spotify. As far as I am concerned, Spotify versus Apple Music was a case of six of one and half a dozen of another. But I cancelled Spotify and moved over the Apple Music simply because it fits more comfortably into the Apple ecosystem and my use of iPhone, iPad and Mac.