Mac Photos will disappoint Aperture users say beta testers

Posted on by Mike Evans

In the middle of last year Apple made the surprise announcement that it was no longer developing Aperture. I was one of those who had stuck with Aperture over many years but I was always frustrated by the glacial upgrade programme and the constant lateness of RAW upgrades for new cameras. 

At the time we were told that there would be a new universal Photos application to replace both iPhoto and Aperture. This hybrid has now been released to beta testers who are less than enthusiastic. As I suspected, Aperture has been dumbed down to the point where Photos will almost certainly not be the natural choice for keen photographers. I am now glad I subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud and am beginning to expand my knowledge of Lightroom, Photoshop and Bridge. 

In some ways Apple's decision was logical. Photo storage and management is a specialised operation that is probably best left to specialist developers. It's a pity, but the impending release of Photos in the Spring will do nothing to win back enthusiast users.

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