Fuji X-Pro 1: Is this the new classic among digital cameras?

Posted on by Mike Evans

I never cease my amazement at the progress made by Fuji in just five years since the first X100 hit the shelves. Even more surprising is the realisation that the X-Pro 1, which started the very successful range of interchangeable-lens X cameras, is a mere three years old. It feels as though it has been around for ever and, already, it has the trappings of a veteran. I know several owners who prefer it to some of the later cameras in the range. Even those who have succumbed to the allure of the latest X-T1 often have an X-Pro 1 in the background and find it hard to let it slip from their grasp.

New York photographer and reviewer Tom Grill is such a man. Despite owning and trying many newer cameras, he finds a special place in his heart for the X-Pro 1. He is so devoted to this paragon with its ground-breaking hybrid viewfinder that he believes it has the makings of a classic, a model to be kept and cherished and to sit on the shelf next to his classic Leica M4. Read his reasoning here before you part exchange the old X-Pro. It's probably worth keeping after all.