The next MacBook Air: The 12in newbie could arrive this evening

Posted on by Mike Evans

Amid all the fuss over the Apple Watch it is easy to forget the rest of the company's products. High on the list of expectations for today's announcement is a new MacBook Air. We are hoping that, instead of a revamp of the current 11in and 13in models, there will be an all-new 12in Air, preferably with a retina screen. This is something high on my wishlist.

My existing 11in Air is now three years old and showing its age in terms of speed. Otherwise, though, it is as good as they day it was unpacked. The presence or absence of a retina screen will be the deal breaker, however. If the screen has not been improved I can eke out the life of the 2012 computer for a few more months.

While many tech writers claim to be able to use the iPad Air (or, even the iPhone 6 Plus) as a primary computing device, I still favour the convenience and improved functionality of a Mac. For the road, the MacBook Air is preeminent and I shall be watching this evening's spate of announcements with interest.