Which Watch? Survey shows first buyer choices as Apple Watch pre-orders start

Posted on by Mike Evans

Over the first weekend of Apple Watch ordering, 9to5 Mac conducted a quick user survey of buying choice and pulled in nearly 11,000 votes in double-quick time.

This is just a snapshot of buying decisions from the technologically aware audience but it does serve to put a perspective on the relative popularity of the versions. The Sport version accounted for just under 56% of orders with the two steel versions not that far behind at 42%. The two gold versions were bought by 2.79% of respondents, which I find slightly surprising and possibly suspicious.

If Apple can manage to sell even three percent of watches in the gold Edition, that stock price is on the way up.

The vast majority (78.3%) of would-be buyers claim to have grabbed the watch and band of their hearts’ desire. Nine percent chose a different model while nearly 13% decided to wait.

Just as interesting as watch choice is band demand. It isn’t surprising that nearly 38% of respondents went for the basic Sport band. I did, but only because I couldn’t make up my mind which of the bands I wanted. Like many people, I reasoned that the Sport band would come in useful and the cost is low. The main thing is to get that watch on the wrist and then think about accessories later.

What is surprising is the popularity of the Milanese Loop and the Link Bracelet (a combined 40% of the total) in relation to the leather straps, with the Classic Buckle outselling the Modern Buckle by a factor of four to one. And the Leather Loop, which some tipped as a sure-fire success, was chosen by only 7% of buyers.

It is too early to say how these figures will be played out in actual sales figures when Apple reports. But it is a good indication of the way buyers are responding. Bear in mind that all these decisions were made sight unseen. Once buyers have had a chance to see and try on the various models preferences will undoubtedly change.