Fuji Firmware Update: X-T1, zoom lens updates reminder

Posted on by Mike Evans

There wasn't much to excite me about the recent firmware upgrades for Fuji X cameras and lenses but I dutifully went ahead and installed them. The camera firmware updates are for the X-T1 and X100T while four zooms, the XF10-24, XF18-55, XF18-135 and XF55-200 get their own improvements. Rather than go into detail here, I can refer you to Tom Grill's timely lowdown:

The latest Fuji X firmware update crept up on me somewhat unawares, and I almost missed installing it. I had remembered to install the X-T1 update, but procrastinated on the lenses. So I thought I'd write a little reminder for anyone else out there in the same situation.

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