Apple Watch: David Sparks steals his wife's timepiece for a two-day geekfest. Shame on him but I'd do the same

Posted on by Mike Evans

All's fair in love and war, especially when the wife's 38mm Apple Watch arrives before the Great Man's 42mm testbed. David Sparks faced this dilemma when his wife's wrist candy arrived days before the manly version ordered int he same split second. I would be annoyed, too. Nevertheless, Mrs. S kindly agreed to let David "borrow" her new toy for a couple of days. He is immediately impressed, but not just out of remorse:

All of the points I made after my first 30 minutes remain true. Apple nailed so many details, especially with the the physical construction. Even the “low end” aluminum watch looks and feels great. I still find myself turning the digital crown, smitten at the way it has just enough resistance.

Here at Macfilos Towers there is a quiet gnashing of teeth. No sign yet of even despatch of the 42mm steel confection I ordered within the first two seconds of availability on April 10. Could it be that American customers such as the Sparks's are getting preferential treatment? Or could it be that demand for the steel 42mm watch was so heavy that it sold out within a second? Annoyingly, for me, I shall be away on a business trip from tomorrow. So my shiny new watch will be sitting on my desk for days, even when it does deign to put in an appearance. 

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