Tools & Toys: Apple Watch is a unique device, unobtrusive, always there

Posted on by Mike Evans

Bradley Chamers, writing in Tools & Toys

Apple Watch is a unique device. It’s form over function in a lot of ways. It’s a beautiful watch that can do a lot of things on top of telling time. It’s a great fitness tracker, a great way to control your iPhone music, see your calendar appointments quickly, and scan your messages. It’s the best device in certain situations, but the worst in others. On May 3rd and 4th, Apple Watch was a central device in my computing life. On May 5th, I was back in the office in front of my Mac and external monitor. While traveling, Apple Watch was a window into my life. When I was back in the office next day, Apple Watch was my watch again. John Siracusa once said time equals money, but money doesn’t equal time. If Apple Watch can help us better manage our time with technology, then it’s money well spent.