New Notes app wins plaudits from professional writers. Shock, horror.

Posted on by Mike Evans

Notes, the long-in-the-tooth editor for iOS and OS X, is pretty unloved, at least among those who write for a living. Up to now it has been just about ok for casual use, but most writers have long ago moved to more fully featured apps such as Ulysses (my current favourite), Editorial or Byword. 

With iOS 9, however, Notes gets a useful makeover that is catching the attention of writers such as Dr. Drang:

I’m a plain text guy, and I stopped using Notes when Simplenote arrived on the scene. And even though I’ve moved around between note-taking apps—Simplenote, Elements, NotesyDrafts, and Editorial—I’ve never even considered going back to Notes. I think of it as the note-taking app for people who don’t know any better. But its new abilities to take photos from within the app, make clickable checklists, add sketches,1 and collect information from other apps via the Share Sheet, combined with its hands-off syncing to the Mac, make it a compelling choice for certain types of notes. I can’t believe I’m writing this.

I can't believe I'm reading it. But he does have a point and I am looking forward to playing with this revised Notes app so see if it can meet some of my requirements.

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