Ricoh GR II: Mild update and re-skin without the re-skin

Posted on by Mike Evans

The Ricoh GR is a brilliant little camera. Specialised, of course, with its fixed 28mm lens, just like Leica's new Q, and a large APS-C sensor in a pocket-ready body. So what of the GR II? I've already yawned and Tom Stanworth, the photofundamentalist, is not exactly bouncing with enthusiasm. On the one hand it's a disappointing upgrade but, on the other, it makes the old GR a roaring bargain at current prices. As Tom says:  

Do I recommend the new model? Absolutely! But only when stocks of discounted ye olde 2013/2015 GR models run out (unless you absolutely must have WiFi and NFC). As it stands now, the saving of about $250 makes the old one the stand out bargain. At its release price, the new model will still find many fans, but if you’ve been interested in the GR before, perhaps now is the time to grab one of the last old models.