Bièvres Camera Fair street style

Posted on by Mike Evans


This beautiful special edition, a heavily worked M7 in army green, is just one of the wonderful cameras to be seen around necks at Bièvres. It is an a la carte model fitted with an M3/MP rewind crank.

Sadly, this specimen, in the care of a Leica specialist dealer from Hong Kong, was definitely not for sale. A pity since I could have been tempted.

We are now coming to the end of two very tiring days walking up and down the hundreds of stalls and grass pitches. Surely this must be one of the most concentrated collections of all things photographic in the world.

Although not a dealer, nor a serious collector, I managed to pick up a few bargains, including a very cheap mint-condition Leica X1 and a superb, boxed Rollei compact.