Queen 1, Apple 0. Life is made of such dilemmas

Posted on by Mike Evans

This evening I faced a dilemma. One half of me wanted to go to the London Mac Users' Group to watch the Apple presentation in the company of like-minded anoraks. The other was sorely tempted by an invitation to celebrate The Queen's longest-reign-in-British-history record at a rather superior dinner in the gloriously faded surroundings of the National Liberal Club in Whitehall.

I was swayed by the fact that HM is a keen Leica owner, another of my passions, so the playing field was levelled considerably. It's no coincidence that one of London's leading Leica dealers, Richard Caplan, is situated slap bang opposite St. James's Palace, a mere three-minute carriage ride from Buckingham Palace.

In the end the royal celebrations won and I shall have to catch up on Apple's latest geegaws by iPhone on the way home. I'm not sure what to expect this evening since I've never before attended a longest-reign bash¹. It's likely to be a grand affair and it is just possible I might not be in a fit state to appreciate the new iPhones and other goodies until tomorrow morning. Depends on how many loyal toasts there are. So don't wait up for any sensible commentary from MacFilos.

I'd better mug up on the words of the unfashionable third, fourth, fifth and sixth verses of God Save The Queen, although they are now little used and border on the politically incorrect— especially the bit about "Rebellious Scots to Crush." We'll probably have to sing the lot in the spirit of liberalism.


¹ The last such bash would have been in 1896 when Queen Victoria knocked George III off his perch and when they probably did use at least the first five verses of the anthem. Contrary to popular speculation, however, I am not quite old enough to have attended that particular event.