KaiMan Wong sets up shop on home territory

Posted on by Mike Evans

Kai Wong is known to most of us for his lively, irreverent but always amusing video reviews for the Hong Kong-based DigitalRev TV. Over the years he has become something of an institution and I confess I look forward to his quirky insights. I’m even to be found watching reviews of equipment I am not remotely interested in. Kai has a knack of keeping us entertained.

Earlier this year, though, things changed. Instead of the background of Hong Kong I began to see British high streets in focus. Most of them were very East Anglular, including Saffron Walden and Cambridge, and rather homely after the exotic backdrops of one of Asia's most colourful cities.  

But, despite some further activity in Hong Kong, Kai has now announced his departure from DigitalRev after seven years and has established himself back in the homeland, probably in East Anglia. I understand he was born and grew up in Norwich, so it's not surprising he has chosen this area as a base. Already his new YouTube channel has built up nearly 170,000 subscribers in very short shrift. I wish him all the best with his new venture. It’s always a risk to set up on your own but I am sure that if anyone can do it, Kai is the Man. Please subscribe and give him some support.

It will be nice to see Kai around on the British photography scene in the future and I’ll be keeping a close eye on his YouTube videos.


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