Apple AirPods for Christmas - order now

Posted on by Mike Evans

Apple's much-delayed AirPods have suddenly come on line today and if you hurry you can get a pair for Christmas. I just ordered mine and they're scheduled to arrive next Monday, December 19. This is something of a surprise since even yesterday I was reading that they could be delayed into the first quarter of 2017.

These Bluetooth pods can be used together, in stereo, or singly for voice and less-demanding occasions. Since the iPhone 7 Plus arrived with its Lightning-equipped wired earphones, I've been fretting about losing them. I've already mislaid the little connector cable that enabled me to use older jack-plug equipped earphones. In any case, I hate cables because they always need untangling before use. It amazes me that no one has yet invented a tangle-free cable. But no cable is an even better solution.

Having read many reviews of the new AirPods I'm fairly confident they will stay in place — one of the big advantages being the lack of cables to weight them down and cause them to fall out. The bug danger will be pod mugging. They come with a little charging case which has an internal battery which can top up the charge while you're out and about. The Apple AirPods cost £159, including tax, here in the UK.