Leica: Das Wesentliche event on January 19

Posted on by Mike Evans

Leica has invited selected journalists and the great and the good to a "photographic fest" on January 18 and 19 at headquarters in Wetzlar. The apparent trigger for this event is the welcoming of  a new addition to the Leica Hall of Fame, Joel Meyerowitz. The invitation highlights a quote from Meyerowitz: "Carrying a Leica is like a free pass for the unexpected."

All this is seems a bit over the top and rather extended — two days after all — for a Hall of Fame event. Clues lie in the word unexpected and the use of das Wesentliche (the essential), more often than not associated with product announcements. Could there be a hidden agenda, perhaps not unadjacent to the arrival of a long-awaited new camera? Mmmm, I wonder.....