Dear Apple: Be careful what you wish for

Posted on by Mike Evans

Last week Apple announced a recall on "certain" two-pin charger adapters sold over the past ten years or so. Those bearing a serial number are suspect and I lost no time going through my drawers for suspect connectors.

This is what I found: A veritable trove of dodgy hardware that I will have to take to my nearest Apple store for replacement. I was shocked by the quantity and, if I am any example, Apple is in for a busy time. I fully expect the more popular connectors, in my case European twin-prong units, to be in short supply.

Just how did I accumulate such a collection? Over the years I've bought at least two of Apple's international connector kits, mainly to get my hands on Australian flat-pin, angled plugs and the thicker-than-euro twins used in many other parts of the world.

Since I seem to use and lose mainly European connectors, I've compensated by occasionally buying iPhone, iPad or MacBook chargers in European apple stores. I use a lot of the compact plug that come with European purchases. I travel with four or five connector—to power computer, tablet and phone and other accessories; I use these Apple connectors for camera chargers instead of the supplied cables. Then there are the spares and the ones I've lost or misplaced. I am fully confident that a deeper trawl of shelves, boxes and drawers would produce even more of them.

In short, I can't get enough of these useful little plugs. But will Apple be ready? Will I be suspected of wholesalerism? I will report on the reaction.