Is the iPad ready to take over from the desktop or laptop?

Posted on by Mike Evans

Can the iPad completely replace a Mac or Windows computer for everyday use? It’s a question I have been asked often and I always reply that it can not.

That is just my view, based on my particular use, mainly the difficulty of running this blog under iOS.

If the Macfilos hosts, Squarespace, came up with better iOS applications I could be persuaded to change my mind. On the other hand, I have no doubt that for millions the iPad can do everything they want.

One man who does run all his business from an iPad is Federico Viticci of MacStories. He has written extensively about his experiences with the iPad and now uses is one as his main computer:

Over the past year, it's been fascinating to observe how, gradually, using an iPad as the primary or only computer has turned from a nerd chimera into an acceptable narrative. Contrary to two years ago (before the changes of iOS 8), I've read dozens of stories from Mac users who have started using an iPad as their main computer – in some cases, going as far as not using MacBooks anymore. Students, doctors, educators, artists, photographers who prefer iPads to Macs, designers, independent writers. I'm missing hundreds of other stories.

There is little doubt that Federico spearheads a gathering band of iPad-only professionals who are managing to do everything they need without opening a “real” computer.

Quite apart from this steadily increasing level of acceptance among professionals, the iPad has carved out a solid presence at the other end of the scale—among older people who really have no need for the added complexity of a laptop or desktop. Tens of thousands of older people who persistently shied away from the notion of using a computer have been converted through the medium of the iPad.

Many of them do not consider they are using a computer, they are merely using a handy and easily learned tool to browse the internet, send a few email, Skype with family or book a holiday.

The iPad isn’t for everyone. I still find it easier and more intuitive to use a desktop or portable OS-X computer. For blogging, for handling photographs, the ability to have several windows open at the same time is a great asset. Despite this, I have an open mind and it would take only a few changes in iOS and in some of my regular applications to convert me to the iPad, especially for travelling.

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