Bubble-free screen protector goodness at an Apple Store near you

Posted on by Mike Evans

Which would you sooner do: Go to the dentist or fit a screen protector on your iPhone or camera? I’ll take the hygienist any day. So it’s good news that Apple has partnered with Belkin to offer a bespoke screen-protector fitting service at stores worldwide. They’ve even got a secret machine to do it, installed in the inner depths of every store. I’d love to see this paragon of bubble-freeness in action but it appears to be a closely guarded process. You can even choose from two different types of protector for your phone: “Invisiglass” or “Anti-Glare”. But you can't watch it being grafted to your new toy. Next time I buy an iPhone I’ll be first in line. Sorry, dentist, that's one scrape and prod less to suffer.

This might (or might not) be the very secret screen applicator machine that could be hidden away in the depths of every Apple Store. Perhaps....