OCOF28P: One camera, one film, 28 photographers

Posted on by Mike Evans

The MacFilos article on Stephen Jenner's OCOLOY experiment has been an unexpected success, with over 2,000 page views in the first day. It has brought a very interesting response from Hilary Wardhaugh in Canberra, Australia.

Hillary took an entirely different view of OCOLOY. I suppose you could call it OCOF36, the art of taking one camera, one roll of film and 36 photographers. According to Hilary the experiment went well but, unfortunately, the chosen camera (Hilary doesn't say what it was) broke down at photographer 28. So it's more OCOF28 until a second match can be arranged. Says Hilary:

I have an exhibition showing in Canberra Australia called The ONE Project. The concept being, 1 camera, 1 roll of film, 28 photographers. Each photographer had 1 frame each to make a portrait and pass the camera on. The photographers involved found the process terrifying yet liberating. The film was processed and prints made from each digital file, without any photoshop other than dust-spotting and normal adjustments for colour and contrast.
The reason we only had 28 photographers is the camera had a technical issue two thirds of the way through the roll of film. Anyway, we have had great reviews and it has been a successful exhibition. I am currently making a photo book of the show and will blog the images and stories after the show is finished.

I have suggested to Hilary that she should put together a piece for Macfilos with some of the 28 entries. Should be interesting and it's another fascinating challenge for anyone who has 35 friends capable of pressing a camera shutter. 


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