Yet another plug for Apple: A multi-pronged adventure

Posted on by Mike Evans

Of course I like Apple. Didn't a tell you many times? But, credit where due, Apple's after-sales service is still something to be marvelled at.

A cornucopia of international connectivity, all new and ultra-safe thanks to Apple's recall programme

A couple of months ago the company announced a recall in certain plug adapters for charging units. These included European, Chinese, Australian and Brazilian plugs. As I wrote at the time, I had accumulated a dozen or so suspect prongs and I set them aside pending further action.

Since then they have been staring at me reproachfully from their shelf beside my office desk. For my part, I've been procrastinating, expecting a tough time with so many offending items. My resolve wasn't strengthened when I checked online with Apple Support and found they wanted a computer serial number. I assumed they might start haggling and expecting me to produce details for every purchase.

So I did nothing until today. I had to go to the Apple Store in Covent Garden and decided to put a plastic bag full of duff plugs in the bottom of the bag.

Imagine my surprise and pleasure when my appearance with all these old plugs was treated with great seriousness. No problem, said the blue shirt, just give me a moment.

Five minutes later he came back clutching a dozen European plugs. He hadn't been able to find any of their Chinese or Australian brethren but hoped that the Euro plugs would be good. Of course, I use Apple's European two-pin adapters more than any. They find a home on various chargers and even get pressed into use for Leica and Fuji battery chargers. So I was content.

The moral of this story is that Apple delivers and it's usually service with a smile. I now have he most complete set of accessory plugs in the known world and I am a happy Easter bunny.