Sofort! Is this Leica instant camera for real?

Posted on by Mike Evans

Image: LFI Magazine via Leica Rumors

According to Leica Rumors there could be a surprising addition to the Leica range at Photokina next week. Called the Sofort ("instant" in German), this little camera is said to run a Fuji Instax engine—the whole looks very much like the Instax Mini 90—and could cost less than €300. LR reports that the new camera has been leaked in an upcoming issue of LFI magazine. Although it was initially thought to be a joke, the camera has had multiple confirmations from LR readers. 

The specification shows an Automatik-Hektor 1:12.7 60mm lens which equates to 34mm on 35mm film and three focus zones—macro, standard (60cm-3m) and infinity. It will be available in three colours, white, orange and mint and will carry the Leica red dot. On the back is the inscription "Designed by Leica Camera Germany." It all looks pretty plausible to me. 

Here is the original article in Leica Rumors

LR has now confirmed the existence of the Sofort and says it will be announced on September 15—that's this Friday, well before the start of Photokina.

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