Apple's new LG-branded 5K monitor: Is it a good buy?

Posted on by Mike Evans

Presumably because of supply difficulties, Apple has expended the 25% discount on the new 5LG monitor for further three months. Various connectors and other accessories associated with the USB-C connectors of the latest MacBook Pros also have an extended discount period.

Discounted to £884 for a further three months. But the LG display doesn't quite match up to the styling and quality of Apple's discontinued Cinema Display

The 5K monitors, which were announced at the same time as the new laptops, are now reaching consumers. 9to5Mac (see below) has a generally positive review of the LG display but does highlight several issues, including the all-plastic housing (in contrast the former Apple Cinema Display's aluminium chassis) and a paucity of ports. The downstream USB-C ports are v.3.1 offering a maximum bandwidth of 5Gbps.

Despite this, the 5K monitor is regarded as good value for money and is virtually the only option for full compatibility with the new MacBooks. The 27in version current costs £884 after the temporary discount, now extended to March 31.

On the fence

I have previously written about my medium-term plan to replace the desktop iMac and portable MacBook with a fully specced 13in MacBook Pro and one of these 27in monitors. Although, thanks to cloud services, it is now much easier to keep two computers synchronised, there are still advantages to having just one computer to play with. And the new universal USB-C connector means that a MacBook Pro, used as a desktop machine, needs only one connection cable to handle power and data. It's a compelling concept.

Currently (as usual) I am still sitting on the fence, undecided how long it is worth carrying on with the iMac and MacBook. I do like the MacBook as a travelling companion — it is so light and thin, more convenient in my view than an iPad Pro and keyboard — but I can understand the benefits of having just the one computer. The 13in MacBook Pro will be heavier to carry, but not enough to swing the decision.

Read the full review of the 27in LG monitor here.


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