Apple's iAnaemic not a roaring success, apparently

Posted on by Mike Evans

According to some reports, sales of Apple’s latest iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are lagging behind previous years’ performance. Rogers, the Canadian carrier, has said that the appetite for the iPhone 8 is "anaemic". Other reports say that production has been cut back by as much as 50 percent and an annamed source claimed that this is the first time in the iPhone’s ten-year history that such a drastic change has taken place so soon after launch.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus: Brillliant new phones with wonderful cameras. But all the early adopters and high-five Apple Store queuers are waiting for the iPhone X. What else can we expect?

Is it surprising? I don’t think so at all; and I am sure Apple anticipated this development. Initial demand, or should we say “appetite”, for any new iPhone is fuelled largely by early adopters and the arch enthusiasts who queue for days outside Apple Stores. They like to have the latest and will settle for nothing less, certainly not the iPhone 8 which has all the trappings of being worthy but already upstaged.

The problem this time around is that the iPhone 8 is old hat even before it hit the dealers. It is simply because early adopters have their eyes focused very clearly on the iPhone X. No one, least of all Apple, can have imagined that buyers would rush to the 8 when they can aspire to the new X a month or so later. To introduce two new models, one clearing superior to the other, at the same time is strange to say the least. But we can assume that Apple's marketeers knew what they were doing.

I believe the X will be one of the biggest iPhone launch ever. The phone will be in short supply for a long time and this will fuel demand to a frenzy. Any misgivings over the performance of the iPhone 8 will be forgotten as the financial markets react to early news of the success of the X. There is still a place for the iPhone 8, selling to the millions who are not early adopters and don’t rush out to buy a new device the minute it is announced. They’ll come back, but they will be buying later rather than sooner. 

So no need to worry, eh?