Ban the Cams: What do airports and breweries have in common?

Posted on by Mike Evans

Not six months ago we were all in the lather over plans to ban laptops and cameras from cabin baggage. The only safe way to transport these dangerous goods, we were assured, was to pack them all together in a big box and stuff it out of harm’s way in the hold. Or, even, plonk the offending items in the middle of your checked-in case. Fast forward to yesterday and the boffins have changed their mind again..

Packing laptops and cameras in the hold is dangerous, so they must be banned. In future, it seems, all such dodgy objects should be carried in hand luggage — exactly where most of us have been carrying them for decades. The International Civil Aviation Organisation said it will consider calls for a ban following news from the FAA that lithium-ion batteries in checked luggage could overheat and possibly set first to aerosol cans leading to an explosion.

“Couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery” is an old English term that springs readily to mind. What are they thinking of? Either they haven’t got a clue or they have seen sense at long last. It could be either.

It looks like we will all be back to normal soon, able to carry our laptops and cameras on board without any chance of hiccups at security. About the only travellers who will be disadvantaged will be professional photographers and camera crews with their big Pelican boxes. They'd just better be careful not to put a can of hairspray in one of the boxes.