One-pic weekend stories

Posted on by Mike Evans

Last weekend I tried an experiment of posting three simple story pictures — just a few words and one photograph. Two came from contributors, Richard Alton and Kevin Armstrong. In case you didn't see them, I'm reproducing them again below. I chipped in with an iPhone X shot taken on a frozen Paddington Station in London. 

The objective of this exercise was to see whether there would be any interest in weekend postings. I was surprised by the reaction and by the number of comments, so I'm hoping to continue occasional weekend posts. Up to now Macfilos has been a Monday to Friday blog. It's hard to keep up a daily article but I've been doing it now for over eight years. The thought of adding Saturday and Sunday seemed a blog too far for me; but simple posts based on one photograph are looking increasingly viable. I hope you enjoy them.

Kevin Armstrong's Bond Street Roller shot with the Leica X1

Richard Alton grabbed this shot in Lusaka on his old Samsung smartphone

Mike Evans was surprised to find that the new iPhone X froze the movements of the Paddington Station Band even at a leisurely 1/6s and f/1.8. (B&W conversion in Silver Efex Pro)