The day I did not carry a camera

Posted on by Mike Evans

No exciting news today because I spent the morning in Accident and Emergency undergoing x-rays and other delights. Yesterday afternoon I was bound for the Apple Store in Regent Street when I foolishly tripped over a raised metal utility cover and finished up flat on my face on the pavement. As my nose bounced off the flagstone I was mainly offering thanks to the gods who govern these things that I had not been carrying my new M10 on my shoulder. Without doubt it would now be an ex-M10. 

Considering the force of the impact I got up relatively unscathed and brushed myself off. Unfortunately my left knee had taken the brunt of the impact and overnight it ballooned in size. I was unable to get out of bed without assistance and I certainly could not walk. Fearing something had been broken, I called an Uber and headed for the Chelsea & Westminster hospital emergency room.  

Spoiled by tales of over-stretched emergency treatment, I expected a long wait. But, on the contrary, I was seen immediately, assessed and was in front of a doctor minutes later. After an x-ray which proved negative, I was sent packing with some paracetamol, pain-killing gel and a natty pair of crutches.  

All this, of course, is free under the National Health Service. Even the crutches do not need to be returned because of fears of cross-infection. So I now have a very efficient pair to use in the future should I do anything as silly again. Perhaps I should have asked for a wheelchair and a blue badge while I was at it. 

While my M10 lives to snap another day, I am unlikely to be using any camera for the next few days as I hobble around on the crutches.  

So that's the reason there is nothing more exciting to report on on this day.