What you can buy for the cost of a Leica TL2

Posted on by Mike Evans

The new TL2 has been a bit of a star this week. It's handsome, fast and produces great results. But not everyone is queuing up to buy one. 

Tongue-in-cheek though it may be, Amy Davies’s Amateur Photographer essay in what else you can buy for the cost of a new Leica TL2 and a single lens (a nice round £3,000 as it happens) strikes a chord. Especially when you factor in the extra £340 for a viewfinder…. Did I mention viewfinder before?

As Amy points out, you could fill your boots with Panasonic or Olympus m4/3 gear, assembly a very potent Fuji X system or even grab a full-frame Sony and one tasty lens for the same sort of money. It's tempting, of course, but anyone who seriously includes Leica in their shortlist has a rather different perspective. Reality flies out of the wallet as soon as it is breached.

When it comes to pricing, Leica indeed lives in a parallel universe, but it remains a rather tempting universe populated by great design, tactile pleasures and high residual values. On Monday I'll be looking deeper into Leica's development of the TL2 and the future prospects for for the APSC system.

What do you think of AP’s proposition?