Leica TL2: Sales suspended following Visoflex problem

Posted on by Mike Evans

A week after the launch of the Leica TL2 a problem has arisen and sales have been suspended pending investigation and rectification. The issue surrounds the use of the Visoflex external viewfinder which, in some cases and on some cameras, can cause electronic problems, possibly rendering the camera inoperable. It is unlikely to be down to Visoflex unit itself since it has been working on the T (and more recently on the M10) without known issues. 

No doubt Leica will be looking after customers who have already purchased the TL2. I will keep you up to date when I know more.

It appears that beta testers did not notice any irregularities. So far, it seems that only a small number of cameras is involved but Leica is taking full precautions. It is to be hoped that the problem, when it is identified, can be fixed by firmware update. 

Since I acquired my original Leica T some months ago I have experienced intermittent difficulties with the Visoflex which has a tendency to push backwards, thus upsetting the connection. On several occasions I brought the viewfinder up to the eye only to see a blank white screen. A forward push on the viewfinder puts that right but it can be annoying. However, that had no effect on the operation of the camera and is unlikely to feature in the current difficulties.

I had been hoping to get a press demonstrator camera this week but I presume all loans will be suspended until the problems are resolved. It’s a pity because I was looking forward to giving the new camera a run.