Hasselblad: Gone west within 24 hours

Posted on by Mike Evans

Readers will be interested that John Shingleton's Hasselblad outfit, which he reported on in his article yesterday, has sold — and to a Macfilos reader in Western Australia, thus minimising John's transport costs. We're seriously thinking we should run a Macfilos bring and buy sale section. Seriously, though, it's a testament to the enthusiasm of Macfilos readers that John, in New South Wales, matches up with another enthusiast in WA within 24 hours of publication. We wish the new owner a great future with his ex-Shingleton goodies..... Apparently film's not dead just yet (again). Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated, yet again.

Here in London it is easier to find a used Hasselblad than, in would seem, in Australia. This tempting 'Blad-for-sale display is in the Aperture café and camera museum in Museum Street, London, just down the road from the British Museum.