Resort Abandoned: The decline of a popular resort from the 1960s to today

Posted on by Mike Evans

We’re all familiar with the genre of photography replicating old scenes, particularly street views, in a modern context. I’ve seen some stunning examples from London, for instance — Piccadilly Circus in 1908 and now in the 21st century. It can be fascinating stuff. 

Reader John Wilson from New York State sent a link to one of the best then-and-now articles on the genre from the DCist web site. It’s one of the neatest implementations I’ve seen, featuring a now abandoned resort in the Pocono Mountains in north-east Pennsylvania.

The author, Pablo Iglesias Maurer, happened upon a book of colour postcards depicting the resort in the 1960s. So he went along with his camera to rediscover the locations and did an great job of matching the perspective in all instances. 

The above is just one example but you can read the full article and see the rest of the gallery in this article at

Thanks to John Wilson for the lead on this story.