Comments on Macfilos: A possible workaround for the Object object bug

Posted on by Wayne Gerlach

The “Object object” comments bug which was been plaguing Macfilos (and, presumably, other blogs hosted by Squarespace) has been causing problems for many of us. I know Mike is concerned and cannot understand why the boffins at Squarespace haven’t been able to correct such an obvious problem after a month. And Mike tells me this isn’t the only issue with Squarespace he is facing. The iPhone Blog app, which he uses for replying the comments, is also broken and there is no sign of an update.

In an effort to help, I have been doing some experiments and have come up with a possible temporary workaround. We know it isn’t ideal, but those of you who comment regularly could benefit from following the guidelines.


It appears that the bug does not manifest itself for a first Comment that you might make on article, but will emerge for subsequent Comments or Replies to comments on that particular article. The developers have now been made aware of this.

TEMPORARY SOLUTION: In the meantime, the work-around is for you to post your first Comment as per usual, but any further Comments or Replies on the same article should only be made after you have logged out of Macfilos and re-entered the site (Note: do make sure that you close out of the site, don’t just leave it hidden but active in the background before you re-enter, and don’t just do a page refresh).

I hope this works for you as it worked for me, but both Mike and I would appreciate any feedback on your experiences. We have reported these findings to Squarespace and, with luck, they will help them reach a speedy solution for this annoying little bug.