En route to Biévres International Photo Fair

Posted on by Mike Evans

Today I am en route to what has become one of the big fixtures in my annual calendar — the International Photo Fair in the town of Bièvres, south-west of Paris. This year I decided to drive, so today I will be incommunicado for much of the time. Travelling by train does have some advantages, and being able to work is one of them. 

Waiting for the fair to open

Fortunately, Biévres is a fairly easy drive from London, about 300 miles. Allowing for loading the car into the Channel Tunnel train at Folkestone and emerging some 40 minutes later in Calais, the journey takes about six hours. The advantage of going by car is that I can at last buy that van-sized cintage plate camera I’ve had my eyes on. Just joking. But it does mean I don’t have to give as much consideration to weight or bulk if I see something I fancy. 

Something to shoehorn into the car, with Ivor Cooper of Red Dot Cameras looking all proprietorial

If you are going to be there either on Saturday or Sunday, do come and say hello. I shall be “hanging out” with Ivor and Elaine Cooper from Red Dot Cameras, and they will know where to find me, most of the time at least.

I am taking just one camera of record this year. It is the review copy Sony A7III together with the Techart autofocus adapter kindly loaned by David Babsky,. I've thrown in a couple of M-mount lenses to do the hard work. I'm hoping to grab a few useful shots and get some material for the review of the Sony.

Lots of lenses to choose from, aspherical as well as floating element

It's good to explain my absence because only this week it was feared I had dropped off my perch. I received a call from a worried John Shingleton in New South Wales. He and fellow contributor Wayne Gerlach had had coffee on Tuesday and realised they hadn’t seen a post from a Macfilos since the news of the discontinuation or the Leica M7. They feared I too had been discontinued. The explanation was less final, however, since I took three days off, including Monday which was a national holiday, and, clearly, Macfilos was missed. At least on the NSW coast if nowhere else.