Leica Event: Reporting from Germany but not from Wetzlar

Posted on by Mike Evans

MacfilosI wasn’t invited to the big shindig to mark the opening of Leitz Park this week, but we have several friends who will be there and will keep us up to date with developments. As it happens I couldn't have gone anyway because I had a long-standing commitment, coincidentally also in Germany. As a result, I find myself blogging from the comfortable ICE train on the way from Cologne to Berlin. I had intended to field a few pre-prepared stories and take it easy on the Macfilos front until next week. But the Wetzlar event has spoiled all this, at least from my point of view. 

I believe that the main announcements will be made on tomorrow evening and will include at least one new camera. As I said earlier in the week, this is likely to be a version of the already available Panasonic TZ200. So no secrets there, other than the recommended list price. I should imagine it will be available without delay. I am now convinced there will be no really surprising news — such as the “Leica CM” mini-SL camera which has been strongly rumoured. This isn’t to say it doesn’t exist, or that it will not be announced later this year or at some time in the future, but I think we can rest easy this week at least. 

I will be bringing you the full details of the newcomers tomorrow. I would not be surprised to see at least one commemorative special edition camera based on a current offering.